Among the most historic locations in Australia, Cooktown is encircled by the graceful sweep of the Endeavour River amidst idyllic tropical landscapes.

Equally lovely is the township, boasting some grand architecture harking back to when Cooktown was Quensland’s second-largest city, the port town for a massive gold rush on the Palmer River in 1872.

Cooktown’s key place in Australian history dates to 1770 when Captain Cook’s ship the Endevour struck a reef. His crew of 97 were saved by the natural harbour of the Endeavour River, and there they stayed for 48 days, meeting with the indigenous people, and discovering the region with fascination.

Must see landmarks include James Cook Museum, Grassy Hill, the wharf, and Nature’s Powerhouse in the Botanic Gardens, whilst all around beckon the wonders of Cape York.

Visit in June to see the re-enactment of Cook’s visit in the inimitable Cooktown Discovery Festival.

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